Wyoming Sight Drifter
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Have you ever went to a range session and forgotten your hammer, punch or both.  I have more than once.  With this handy item in your box, the hammer & punch is no longer necessary and that clumsy method eliminated altogether.  This little item fits the bill for small controlled adjustments needed for front sight adjustments or sight removal, especially serious target sights.  Why not go to the next match with your front sight zeroed perfectly.  I will always have one in my box.  

Easily adjusts sights in the field or at the range

Uses kinetic energy instead of an awkward hammer and punch

Eliminates the need for a gun vise or cradle

Not much larger than a standard ink pen

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“I have used the Wyoming Sight Drifter and I am truly impressed.  Every shooter should have one in their shooting box or in their gun room.”

Harlan Sage

Wyoming Sight Drifter

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