Before you assume this as the same ole Billy The Kid story here me out. After reading, there are many details and research in this book that are not commonly known.
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Before you assume this as the same ole Billy The Kid story hear me out.  After reading, there's many details in this book that are not commonly known.  For example there's an article from the New York Sun dated Sept. 10, 1876, where Billy ran into some trouble in, of all places, New York City.  The article was researched as legit and in the original typeface.  Also, the photo shown on the books cover is the only known photo of the Regulators all together.  This book is a compilation of extenensive research by the authors/editor.  The author and editor Russell Nelson is an avid BPCR shooter, buckskinner, and historian.  Read more, you won’t be disappointed.

On July 14th, 1881, William H Bonney, famously known as the violent outlaw Billy the Kid, did not die by Sheriff Patrick Garrett's hand but instead lived out the rest of his days with many adventures. In his second chance at life in New Mexico he fought in the Apache Wars against Geronimo to later live out the rest his days as a family man, known for being a beloved father and husband.

How Billy the Kid Lived On:  There are many conflicting theories of what really happened to Billy the Kid with the history books claiming him as a no good cattle rustler gunned down by the law on July 14th, 1881. This long developed project has been created by its passionate authors with combined decades of research of what really happened to the New Mexico's famous cowboy. This book does not give credit to those seeking fame off the back of a better man. This story has absolutely nothing to do with such fakes as Brushy Bill Roberts from Hico, Texas boasting as if he is Billy the Kid himself but instead a narrative written from the perspective of William H Bonney. 

This book is written as two parts, with Part 1 reading as a truly accurate depiction of Billy the Kid's life. Bringing to life his adventures across the country evading the law from Arizona to Ireland and his dealings with a highly competitive, dangerous, and corrupt cattle rustling industry up to his alleged death. As for Part 2, the authors with their combined experience depict the life Billy the Kid found himself after the events of July 14th, 1881.  From his involvement in the Lincoln County War and his relationships with other famous American idols. Famous frontiersmen such as Tom Horn and Wyatt Earp, as well as American leaders like General George Crook. 

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The Narrative of William H. Bonney

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