The History Of The American Schuetzenfest
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It's finally here, Randy Wright's Magnum Opus.  The Golden Age Of The American Schuetzenfest. 

The History of target shooting comes to life in this study of the marksman’s art. This new book by Randolph Schreiter Wright brings to life the old Schuetzen tournaments that were immensely popular at the turn of the 20th century. “The Golden Age of the American Schuetzenfest; A History and Study of the Marksman’s Art” is expertly narrated and presents a captivating visual journey into the history of the Schuetzen game. It explores several famous Schuetzen parks, tells stories of memorable Schuetzenfests and legendary target shooters who’s marksmanship was a high art.

From the 1890s until the U.S. entry into World War 1, the target shooting game known as Schuetzen was in its Golden Age. The book explores how matches were conducted, highlights the various shooting events, targets and rifles of the time plus provides comprehensive detail on how to load and shoot the magnificent old target rifles using methods in vogue at the tail end of the black powder era.

The handsome appearance makes it an ideal coffee table book but at 9”X6” it is only half the size. The hardbound book is wrapped in a full color dust jacket and has 388 pages, with more than 400 photos and illustrations.

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The Golden Age Of The American Schuetzenfest by Randolf Wright

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