SPG Tropic 6 pound bulk block
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SPG Tropic Bullet Lube. Designed specifically for shooters that shoot in hot and dry temperature conditions. For years there have been rumblings about different lubes melting or fouling out in hot dry conditions. This is the answer for that. SPG Tropic was developed to address the following: 1. Perform under high temperature shooting conditions. 2. Maintain the accuracy expected of Classic SPG Bullet Lube. 3. Eliminate the need or perception to wipe between shots vs. blowing. If this picks your interest, this is definitely a bullet lube you need to try. As with Classic SPG bullet lube, Tropic will work with Black Powder and Smokeless. I'm sure you will be pleased with its' performance. Currently available in the following sizes: 8oz blocks 3 pound 6 pound

SPG Tropic 6 pound bulk block

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