Rifleman's Cool Scarf: Amber Sage Demo, Your choice of six "Rendevous" colors. Keep cool on the firing line.
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Riflemans Cool Scarf.  Your choice of six "Rendezvous" colors (Amber Sage in Demo).  Keep cool on the firing line.  I ran into these at the Quigley Match and was it ever a life saver.  Stays cool for 12 to 24 hours using expanding cooling crystals.  Can be reused over and over.  Just toss into your cooler for 20 minutes and you'll have great relief from the heat.  It not only cools your neck but my whole back cooled off when I tested it.  Contains cooling crystals so handwashing is required. Your choice of six colors, complete with directions.   I wont go to a match without my Riflemans Neck Cooler.  Made in the USA. 

Riflemans Cool Scarf

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