Phariss Cleaning Rod
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Phariss Cleaning Rod 

These cleaning rods are made especially for us by Dan Phariss. Dan and I talked about the shortcoming of many rods being offered on the market and what we would like to see in a top-quality rod. Dan came up with this model using only the best of materials. These are hands-down the best rods I have used for cleaning any rifle. 

The rod itself is made from heavy duty, ground spring-steel stock. The handle is made of aluminum and fit with industrial thrust bearings that will rotate under any load. The tip is slotted to allow the use of a patch to protect the muzzle once the jag clears the barrel crown. The rod is 46 inches long to be comfortable to use with target sights. A chamber guide is supplied in the chosen caliber to help protect the throat of your rifle.

This is the last cleaning rod you will have to buy. I have used mine for cleaning, measuring rifling twist as well as slugging barrels. It has never bound up or refused to follow the rifling. As much as one cleans the BPC rifle you really owe it to yourself to have a top quality rod. It will save the chamber/ bore of your rifle and last a lifetime. Considering what one pays for a quality rifle a good cleaning rod is just cheap insurance. 

• 46” x 5/16” non-magnetic stainless rod

• Patch slot 3” from the end

• Roller thrust bearings in an aluminum handle

• Accepts standard 8 x 32 brushes and jags

• 40/45 caliber chamber guide



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Phariss Cleaning Rod

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