Loading And Shooting Paper Patched Bullets
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2nd Edition

A newly revised edition of Loading and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets
A Beginner’s Guide is available again. Why would anyone want to shoot
paper patched bullets? Because that is what the majority of the single
shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifles (BPCR) of the 19th century were
intended to shoot.
This 120 page book takes the shooter through all the steps to load and
shoot paper patched bullets with black powder. The reader will learn such things as:
-proper bullet selection
-which papers to use
-how to size and cut patches
-patching bullets
-what wads to use
-appropriate lubes
-how to load cartridges
-range testing
-and much more
This book is profusely illustrated so the reader is shown how to do
the steps as well as presenting text to explain details. For those BPCR
shooters who already own or have read an earlier version book, this
edition only varies in that supplier information has been updated and
there are a few minor tweaks to some of the content. For anyone else
wanting to learn how to load and shoot accurate paper patched
ammunition, this is a must read.

NOTE:  Look at shipping charges closely, there is a significant difference in rates, ie. Media Mail. 

Loading And Shooting Paper Patched Bullets

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