NEW from Cats Shooting Sticks, the QUIGLEY Model on-ground shooting sticks. It's time to upgrade to the best and eliminate the hassle.
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THE QUIGLEY Model, (NOTE: MAY NOT BE NRA legal for certain disciplines, check with your Range Officer). These were developed to overcome all ground conditions. No more tipping over, no more hammering spikes into the ground. Set these down, adjust for target, and you're good to go. When I used these at Quigley I found once adjusted I didn't move them for the rest of the match, talk about handy. As far as stability, don't judge before you try them. I was astonished at how stable they were and I couldn't tell any difference from spike-anchored sticks. Made with the finest oak cuts, sliding level adjustment secured with poly hand knobs, Leather rifle glide strips to protect your rifle barrel. As always, Gary uses the finest materials. You will be very pleased with these.

Cats: 48" QUIGLEY Model Shooting Sticks

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