48" Quigley Deluxe Model w/Levelers
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Quigley/ BPCR 22 Shooters, this is the ULTIMATE in sitting cross sticks. No fighting ground spikes in the hard or soft ground. No fighting the proper height setting while adjusting the spike depth in the ground. These set on top of the ground, WITH LEVELERS.  I personally used this type during the 2016 Quigley match and after initial testing, I left the old stick in ground sticks in the truck. I was also impressed their stability. One might assume that these are not as stable as spikes in the ground. This is not my experience. ;I found that this model was at least as stable, if not more stable, than standard sticks which tend to lean or fall over. When sitting, I'll be using these, hands down. Gary Ladd of Cat's Shooting Sticks uses the strongest and finest oak cuts. Sticks come with hard black plastic thumb knobs which are easily turned and highly requested by shooters. Upon request, wood knobs are available for those "period correct" sticklers.(NOTE: MAY NOT BE NRA legal for certain disciplines, check with your Range Officer). These are made upon request, so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. You will be more than pleased with these very HIGH quality shooting sticks and as always, guaranteed defect free.

LEVELERS are the feet or footings at each corner of the base that can be adjusted for the unlevel surfaces. 

CATS: 48" Quigley Deluxe Model w/ LEVELERS

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