Loading Cartridges For The Original .45-70 Rifle
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Loading Cartridges For The Original .45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine By J.S. and Pat Wolf

This is the revised and updated third edition of an old favorite. The Wolfs broke the ground on making the old Trapdoor Springfield perform with modern black powder and components. The Trapdoor can be made to compete on a serious level with the best of single shot rifles and this great reference book is full of the data and tips that will make it happen. If you own a Springfield Trapdoor, or any other BPCR single shot, there is a wealth of information on black powder loading within this book's 184 pages. Spiral bound and soft cover, this book will enable you to manage and shoot the Springfield Trapdoor as it was originally intended.

Loading Cartridges For The Original .45-70 Rifle

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